Shadps4 v.0.0.4 progress

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We have a very interesting progress on our new W.I.P. version .

Most of retail games comes with bundled libc and libfios2 libraries . Until version 0.0.3 shadps4 was HLEd part of libc library . From now on if game provides a bundled libc and libfios2 libraries we load it natively. That means we can be more accurate on libc emulation (we saved the need of more than 3000 hle functions) which can make us progress faster!

Stay tuned for more progress report soon!

Shadps4 v0.0.3 released

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A new release for shadps4 , the date is not decided by luck is 21 years after first pcsx2 release , (23 march 2002 ) and by accident mine (shadow) birthday.

The most important features of this release is linux support and running of few OpenOrbis demos (helloword , graphics , pngdec , sound)

A more detailed list above :

-Switching to std::thread
-Use unique_ptr where possible
-Replace printf/scanf with type safe fmt
-Implemented sceKernelGetProcessTime
-Implemented sceKernelGetProcessTimeCounter , sceKernelGetProcessTimeCounterFrequency
-Pause emu with P button
-Timers rewrote with std::chrono
-Added sceSystemServiceGetStatus
-Initial FileSystem implementation
-Initial TLS work
-New logging implementation
-Some functions implemented for userService,systemService
-Added sceAudioOut module and output using sdl audio

shadps4 v0.0.3

Third release of shadps4 . Several OpenOrbis demos working