shadps4 v0.1.0 released

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A brand new version of shadps4 has just been landed. This version is the first one that show life to a bunch of commercial games (Simple ones mostly). Also it’s the first release with linux support.

Grab your copy on dowloads section.

You can also check (or maybe submit) the compatibility list from menu above

Shadps4 v0.0.3 released

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A new release for shadps4 , the date is not decided by luck is 21 years after first pcsx2 release , (23 march 2002 ) and by accident mine (shadow) birthday.

The most important features of this release is linux support and running of few OpenOrbis demos (helloword , graphics , pngdec , sound)

A more detailed list above :

-Switching to std::thread
-Use unique_ptr where possible
-Replace printf/scanf with type safe fmt
-Implemented sceKernelGetProcessTime
-Implemented sceKernelGetProcessTimeCounter , sceKernelGetProcessTimeCounterFrequency
-Pause emu with P button
-Timers rewrote with std::chrono
-Added sceSystemServiceGetStatus
-Initial FileSystem implementation
-Initial TLS work
-New logging implementation
-Some functions implemented for userService,systemService
-Added sceAudioOut module and output using sdl audio

shadps4 v0.0.3

Third release of shadps4 . Several OpenOrbis demos working

Shadps4 v0.0.2 release

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A new shadps4 release

Complete changelog

-using cstdint header in variable types
-run_main_entry: Rewrite in asm for stack setup
-printf libc implementation for work with sysv_abi
-initial pad emulation (only digital pad atm)
-Implemented sceVideoOutIsFlipPending
-Added auto stubs , now unsupported hle function will resolve as empty stubs
-Rewrote libc_cxa functions
-Libc implementations ( _ZdlPv,_Znwm,rand,_Fsin,qsort,free,strncpy,memmove,atan2f,pow,_Sin)
-ET_SCE_DYNAMIC behaves as valid for execution now.
-Initial FileSystem work (not yet usable).

shadps4 v0.0.2

Second release of shadps4 . Some more homebrew works.

Shadps4 first version v0.0.1

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Although it is already available from other sources , here is a direct link for the first shadps4 release. Currently only one demo from ps4 sdk works (check the previous post) but be sure the next release will have more working stuff.

shadps4 v0.0.1

First release of shadps4 emulator . Currently only videoout basic demo works