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Shadps4 v.0.0.3 progress

Although i haven’t updated the site for quite a long time that doesn’t mean that we don’t have updates.

Currently we working on TLS and filesystem implementations , and some openOrbis demos have come to life.

More to come soon 😉

Stay Tuned..

Shadps4 v0.0.2 release

A new shadps4 release

Complete changelog

-using cstdint header in variable types
-run_main_entry: Rewrite in asm for stack setup
-printf libc implementation for work with sysv_abi
-initial pad emulation (only digital pad atm)
-Implemented sceVideoOutIsFlipPending
-Added auto stubs , now unsupported hle function will resolve as empty stubs
-Rewrote libc_cxa functions
-Libc implementations ( _ZdlPv,_Znwm,rand,_Fsin,qsort,free,strncpy,memmove,atan2f,pow,_Sin)
-ET_SCE_DYNAMIC behaves as valid for execution now.
-Initial FileSystem work (not yet usable).

shadps4 v0.0.2

Second release of shadps4 . Some more homebrew works.

Shadps4 first version v0.0.1

Although it is already available from other sources , here is a direct link for the first shadps4 release. Currently only one demo from ps4 sdk works (check the previous post) but be sure the next release will have more working stuff.

shadps4 v0.0.1

First release of shadps4 emulator . Currently only videoout basic demo works

First working demo.

Fixed tile decoding and we have our first demo running . This demo is a basic sample from official ps4 sdk demo. Although is quite simple one (which needed 20k lines of codes to work) , it shows that this emulator is quite promising. Stay tuned for more updates.

18th September 2023 update

Although there was quite a time since last update , that doesn’t mean that shadps4 doesn’t have updates.

Currently all the neccesary HLE calls for videoOut_basic demo has been implemented and we are quite close to run some graphics.

At the current state we are adding vulkan render among with our sdl3 frontend. Vulkan is very powerful but also quite complex. We are expecting demo to work at the end of the month though.

Keep an eye on the site , we will probably have some more excited news soon 🙂

July 2023 progress report

Hi to all,

Although progress is quite slow due to my primary work , there is some progress on shadps4 emulator.

The main focus of developing is on getting a simple ps4 sdk demo to work (videoout_basic.elf) . This appears to be a quite simple graphical demo.

So what is the progress on it so far?

  • It loads using elf loader
  • Resolve,patch and rellocate all neccesary libraries-functions in HLE . Most of the function are dummy atm.
  • Executes code up to the first unimplemented HLE function (at the time running this report is sceKernelMapDirectMemory function.

So what’s next?

Implementing some more HLE functions and getting the demo proccess further. Optimal goal is to get it running by the end of August.

Can it run/load other demos or commercial games?

Well shadps4 supports elf,self loading but since developing is focused on that particular demo it probably won’t do something interesting . Most probably it will get stucked in resolving unimplemented HLE functions.

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