First working game

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After some hard work on shader recompiler , shadps4 can now run sonic mania . As you can see in the video there are still minor issues but we working out to sort them 🙂

Our gpu engine started to work

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We have exciting news today , It appears that our shader recompiler started to work . Although our results are still minimal , it is a good step on getting more things to work.

Below you can see a sample which uses vertex and fragment shader

Stay tuned for more updates soon 🙂

Shadps4 v.0.0.4 progress

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We have a very interesting progress on our new W.I.P. version .

Most of retail games comes with bundled libc and libfios2 libraries . Until version 0.0.3 shadps4 was HLEd part of libc library . From now on if game provides a bundled libc and libfios2 libraries we load it natively. That means we can be more accurate on libc emulation (we saved the need of more than 3000 hle functions) which can make us progress faster!

Stay tuned for more progress report soon!

shadps4 linux support

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Latest betas of v0.0.3 support linux as well . Stay tuned for more updates too.

Shadps4 v.0.0.3 progress

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Although i haven’t updated the site for quite a long time that doesn’t mean that we don’t have updates.

Currently we working on TLS and filesystem implementations , and some openOrbis demos have come to life.

More to come soon 😉

Stay Tuned..