by Rui3 in July 5, 2024

Well done! It seems to me that the emulator is going well, congratulations!

 by Chill in July 5, 2024

This is amazing holy shit! How long do you thin it'll take for a playable BB (I mean you get to actually play it, even if with 0 fps and stuff lol). Also is there somewhere we could support this project?

 by Notim Portant in July 5, 2024

Incredible stuff! Can't wait to see how much this improves in the future.

 by abbas in July 5, 2024

best wishes for you.

 by Kierak in July 6, 2024

Good shit!

 by Voidwalker965 in July 6, 2024

WOOOOOOO nice job!!!! Cant wait for the progression on this project. Cant wait to be destoyed by orphan again once it works. Hope the progress is not so rocky and be smooth as possible. hope this will be ported to linux too. Again congrats! :)

 by Izumi in July 6, 2024

I'm rooting for you shadPS4, this is amazing you're making history here - If this is actually works out be sure everyone gonna talk about it even though this is already the main topic on emulation now :)

 by Jack in July 6, 2024

Yooo les go

 by Amjad in July 7, 2024

well done man your are a legend

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